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I am the Black Ninja

Daily tech news, reveiws, and booze. Scratch the booze, it's got some cool stuff, though.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Doom trailer - including FPS sequence.

The DOOM trailer has popped up with some interesting First Person Shooter scenes and a better look at the creatures featured in the movie. Not sure if I should really get excited by this movie or not.

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"open source DRM?"

Sun has launched an "open source DRM" project called "Open Media Commons."

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Hitachi unveils world's first terabyte DVD recorder

.. enough to record about 128 hours of high-definition digital broadcasting.

It's the first recorder to be able to record 2 HD programs at the same time.

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Advice to iPod thieves: do not bring to an Apple retailer

Story from Engadget: iPod thief takes the stolen iPod to an Apple retailer, that is managed by the iPod's owner.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I'm on Google Talk right now.

Google Talk = Google's new IM service that they're announcing tomorrow. All you need is a Jabber client, and a GMail address... read this and hop on the service today! (I'm not sure how long this will work, though.)

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More info on "Google Talk" IM with Voice

e-Week gives more information about the new google im

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Brand New Call for Help Website

The Call for help website has been redesigned with a "G4" look. And since the show will now be airing in the U.S., the site is now at CallForHelpTV.com instead of at G4techTV.ca.

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Microsoft's Secret Files On Your Windows

Step by step guide on how to delete those annoying microsoft's hidden files that are invisible to DOS & Windows Explorer.

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Google Talk, an IM client, ready to launch

It appears that Google is ready to launch Google Talk, an instant messaging application. Rumors point to it having a Jabber backend and voice chat features. Look for it as soon as Wednesday.

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Monday, August 22, 2005

Instantly see what company controls a phone number

This tool will tell you instantly which company a particular phone number was assigned to. Give it a try!

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Canada's Big Brother Plan Unmasked

Last week's reports on new Canadian Internet surveillance were short on details. This article reveals the full extent of the plan including access to Internet user information without any judicial oversight and real-time surveillance capabilities.

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Google Sidebar is out

Google has just launched a new service called �Sidebar�, It will be used to display information on the desktop like email, RSS headlines, weather, stocks, and desktop search in addition to any other content the users are viewing like photos or websites, or even a scratch pad.

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Google IM Coming Wednesday?

"Rafat details a tantalizing clue about the possible launch of a Google IM this wednesday in this this NYT story." check comments for more

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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Prank Calls to the Geek Squad

Here's a forum thread with links to mp3s of some guys that have been making prank calls to the Geek Squad. Expect things such as Gay Porn Removal and Hacking Gibsons. Worth a few laughs!

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Is your site blocked in China?

Because of the "Great Firewall of China", many websites are blocked by the chinese government. Using this tool, you can find out if your site is being blocked by them! Very interesting.

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Download classic games like Kings Quest

Great site that has many of the classic games available for download!

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Hacking the US Postal Service

Testing the boundaries of snailmail. Some of these are amazing.. I like that the wrapped brick was delivered as a pulverized brick courtesy of the DEA.. you'd think they'd owe you a brick.

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Greatest Easter Eggs In Gaming

From the very first gaming easter egg to some of the wackiest, this list compiled by Gamespot may very well be nostalgic to many gamers.

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Friday, August 19, 2005

Make A Million Saving From 16 - 21 years old.

Start early and hit it big.

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Meetro (The Location Aware IM Client) Is Coming to the Nintendo DS and PSP

It has been revealed that Meetro software is being developed for the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP. The software will allow users to access AIM, ICQ, YIM, MSN, and Jabber. Meetro could help to not only bring WiFi (gaming and otherwise) to the masses, but also help give Meetro's network the kick it needs to get off the ground and establish a userbase.

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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Man modifies Hybrid to get 80 miles per gallon!

Politicians and automakers say a car that can reduce greenhouse gases and free America from its reliance on foreign oil is years or even decades away. Ron Gremban says such a car is parked in his garage. This is wild. He put 18 batteries in his trunk and gets incredible mileage.

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Virtual mugging is here!

A man has been arrested in Japan after on suspicion using a bot to beat up and rob characters in the online computer game Lineage II

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PS3 299!!!@ AMAZON.COM!!!

Amazon.com Product Description
The Sony PlayStation 3 console is described by Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. (SCEI) President and CEO, Ken Kutaragi as a "supercomputer for computer entertainment." This next-generation Sony video game console is rumored to be available in Spring 2006...

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NES Controller TV Remote

Ever wanted to control your TV with an old school Nintendo controller? No? Well, I have and now I do. Make your own remote control out of an NES pad - tutorial with video!

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Gmail Drive 1.0.7 released

GMail Drive creates a virtual filesystem on top of your Google Gmail account and enables you to save and retrieve files stored on your Gmail account directly from inside Windows Explorer. GMail Drive literally adds a new drive to your computer under the My Computer folder, where you can create new folders, copy and drag'n'drop files to.

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Hidden Windows Apps

Some of the apps are hidden or not, depending on whether you are using XP Pro or Home, but a lot aren't listed in the applications folder.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

DVD Shrink Is No More

DVD Shrink is now officially dead. According to the website, "DVD Shrink is no more" and they have removed all of the download links as well.
You can get it from a mirror here.

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iPodderX Windows Public Beta Released!

A digg.com exclusive! Yes its true, you can now finally download the public beta of iPodderX for Windows. For those that don't know, iPodderX is a full featured media aggregator for RSS feeds, great for grabbing podcasts, newsfeeds, and IPTV shows like Systm, Diggnation! & CommandN!

[File hosting graciously provided by libsyn.com!]

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College Majors That Pay Out the Most

Did you graduate with the right major? If money is an issue, you better have majored in engineering.

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Well, I would just like to let everyone know that I'm a new editor here.
My name is Matthew Sanders and I'll be giving you all some interesting content from time-time.



Convert OEM Windows XP disc to Retail Windows XP

A retail Windows XP disk can be converted to a OEM disk by simply editing one file on the CD.
You have to copy all (or most of) the files from the CD to your hard drive, edit the file, then burn them to a new CD, being sure to make it bootable.
Here is what you need to do to convert between OEM and retail CDs.

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Kid Busted by WoW-playing mommy

Blizzard's World of Warcraft is the biggest MMORPG ever. So big, in fact, that everyone and his mother is playing it, literally.
It used to be that a boy could play his favorite game all night and mean old Mom would be none the wiser about it.
But when WoW's so popular that Mom's playing too, Junior runs the risk of getting busted.
This is 0 day funny.

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Hacking MD5 encryption

A nice doc on how to hack MD5 encrypted text.

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(IN)SECURE Magazine Issue 1.3 Released!

The covered topics are:
* Security vulnerabilities, exploits and patches
* PDA attacks: palm sized devices - PC sized threats
* Adding service signatures to Nmap
* CSO and CISO - perception vs. reality in the security kingdom
* Unified threat management: IT security's silver bullet?
* The reality of SQL injection
* 12 months of progress for the Microsoft Security Response Centre
* Interview with Michal Zalewski, security researcher
* OpenSSH for Macintosh
* Method for forensic validation of backup tapes

Linksys WRT54GS Wireless Encryption Security Bypass

Steve Scherf has reported a security issue in Linksys WRT54GS, which can be exploited by malicious people to bypass certain security restrictions.

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Quake 3 Source Code Released

Yep, just as Mr Carmack said, the source code for Quake 3 is now available for download.

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The fish that threatened national security

A story about a fish, an airport, and a paranoid country. A very funny read.

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Official Game Boy micro Website

The new site shows the micro's specs, colors, faceplates, and how it compares in size to other objetcs. Also, the link to Nintendo's official press release about the micro is in the comments.

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Microsoft Readies 2 Versions of the Xbox 360

Microsoft's Xbox 360 will be available in two versions costing $300 and $400 when it is launched later this year, the company says.

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Over 10000 Computers a Minute Being Rebooted NOW Thanks To RBOT.EBQ virus

Here at SBC we are fully shut down right now, computers rebooting and about 30 minutes after it hit us, it got to our servers.. All Windows 2000 Machines are Going down as we speak....

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Hackers Getting Free Hotel Porn With Simple Linux Laptop

I almost fell to the floor when I learned that half of all guests who stay at a Marriott, Hyatt, Sheraton or Holiday Inn buy adult pay per view movies in their rooms. In fact, it is such a huge business for the hotels, that when hackers at the recent conference explained how to get in room pr0n for free, the hotel industry flipped out.

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Meet HVD - 1 Terabyte of Storage, Twice as Fast as a Hard Drive

HVDs - Holographic Versatile Discs, can store up to 3.9 terabytes of information (that's nearly 4000 gigabytes). Their transfer rate is also twice that of modern-day hard drives. Could these not only replace DVDs, Blu-Ray discs, but even harddrives? They are almost ready to start rolling out commercially at 1 terabyte per disc.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Call For Help Returns to US Television!

The NEW, Canadian version of Call For Help, along with Robot Wars, Future Fighting Machines, and Nerd Nation are going to start airing on G4 in the USA at the end of this month! (August 29th, I think. Keep an eye on the online schedule)

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The FIRST Internet worm.

"Crisis and Aftermath On the evening of November 2, 1988 the Internet came under attack from within."
Written by the son of the Chief scientist at the NSA, Robert T. Morris.

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Free Windows Xp GUIs from AlienWare

AlienWare has a cool Windows XP GUIs you can download for FREE. So go check them out. You can also edit them if you know how.

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Knoppix 4.0 DVD Public Release

The first public release of the KNOPPIX 4.0 Live DVD, with many updates over the LinuxTag edition, is now available for download.

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Aqua Teen Hunger Force Vol. 4 DVD Dec. 6 05

The New Aqua Teen Hunger Force DVD will be coming out December sixth this year. Including the episode edork.

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VOIP threats Fact or fiction

While it's difficult to find a company that has suffered at the hands of VoIP abusers, last month, ISS issued an alert to warn users that Cisco's VoIP offering had a security flaw that would allow just that.

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Technorati's 100 Most Popular Blogs

Technorati updated its site tonight with enhancements to its list of the top 100 most popular blogs as well as expanded options for language-specific search.

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Air Force is doing a Podcast

The U.S. Airforce is now doing a podcast. One of the episodes about bombs. Subscribe at http://www.af.mil/media/podcast/afradionews.xml

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Symantec aiming to buy Sygate.

People who swear by Sygate's software firewall won't be happy about Symantec buying the company.

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Adobe introduces blog

Adobe launches their own blog.

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Patches rain down on OS X

Apple has released a set of patches that fix 44 security flaws in its OS X operating system for servers and desktop computers.

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Run Windows on your PSP

Now you can run Windows on your PSP. Not sure if you'd want to, but if you do, now you can :-) I wonder if Sony had any idea people would be doing this with their nifty little "closed platform" device?

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[adult swim] podcast?

It appears that Adult Swim is planning a podcast. I was reading through their help file when I noticed under the download section, an explanation of a podcast:
"What is Podcasting?
Podcasting allows you to receive Adult Swim audio content straight to your computer on demand."
I guess we will see soon.

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Crocodile Immune System Kills HIV

"The crocodile has an immune system which attaches to bacteria and tears it apart and it explodes. It's like putting a gun to the head of the bacteria and pulling the trigger,"

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My Shrimp Scampi pwns you.

Principles of Web Design

Great article that explains the foundations of design that most web designers forget about. Too often do we focus on screen resolution, CSS properties, and image compression and lose track of core design concepts.

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IRC bot latches onto Plug-and-Play vulnerability

The Microsoft Plug-and-Play vulnerability exploited by the ZoTob worm has been harnessed to create an IRC bot.

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Mad rush for $50 computers

The day is here... the 7AM rush for the $50 ibooks. See the video of what went down.

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Google Maps + MSN Visual Earth + Flash = FlashEarth

I would Google Google Visual FlashEarth But thats me. Lets you use the msn visual earth interface on google maps, and also switch between gmaps and VE.

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Build Your Own Mac for $199

While it was always possible (although costly and time consuming) to cobble together a PowerPC Mac from old and new parts, hardly anyone did it. Now that Apple has introduced OS X for Intel processors, however, it�s conceivable that you could soon be building your own Mac from scratch.

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PS3 is confirmed to be released in 2006 and to support multiple OS

Sony said that the PS3 is confirmed to come out in 2006 but they did not announce an actual date. there were sine rumors saying it may be coming out in 2007. they also said that it can support multiple operating systems.

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10 MPH Movie Trailer

The movie about 2 guys who crossed America using just a Segway just released their movie trailer.

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Windows XP Tips & Tricks

How to Remove Windows XP's Messenger
Set the Search Screen to the Classic Look
New Sound Blaster Drivers
Upgrading to Windows XP
How to Upgrade Windows 98 or Windows ME Profiles to Windows XP Domain User Profiles
How to make your Desktop Icons Transparent
Speed up your browsing of Windows 2000 & XP machines

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Intel to deliver dual-core, hyper-threaded chips earlier than expected

With development ahead of schedule, Intel Corporation today announced it is accelerating the availability of its dual-core, hyper-threaded Xeon and Xeon MP processors. The new processors will help improve server responsiveness, speed and multi-tasking by allowing software to manage information from up to four "brain" per Intel processor.

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Legend of Zelda Halo mod

Now this is ambitious. What started as a few Halo maps recreated from Ocarina of Time turned into a huge project to emulate the gameplay experience of Legend of Zelda.

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Monday, August 15, 2005

Yeah, it's back..

Yeah, well ,looks like I'll be without hosting for awhile. So what? I can use blogger, it's fine n stuff. Anyway, expect actual updates now!

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