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I am the Black Ninja

Daily tech news, reveiws, and booze. Scratch the booze, it's got some cool stuff, though.

Monday, September 12, 2005

New Orleans Doctors: We had to kill our patients

Rather than leave their terminal patients at the mercy of gangs of rapists and looters or death from neglect, they gave them massive doses of morphine and a dark place to die.

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Xbox, PS2, GBA Video Game Clearance $1 to $10 ea. @ BestBuy

BestBuy (in stores only) has a clearance on Xbox, PS2, GC, GBA games. Many titles for $1 to $10. It is a clearance so your mileage may vary. Follow the link for the list of discounted games.

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Bluetooth Router (Too good to be true)

Enustech has introduced a Bluetooth device (model: Access Point STAP-1000), which connect Bluetooth cell phone to PSTN(public switched telephone network). If you place STAP-1000 at home, with just one Bluetooth cell phone you can use it as a general telephone inside while using it as a cell phone outside.

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Hackers Admit to Wave of Attacks

With their ringleader on the run, two cybervandals own up to using an army of compromised PCs to take down sites for commercial gain.

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How to bypass those annoying automated recordings at most major companies

Strategies and how to get directly connected to someone with a pulse instead of listening to a damn recording at most major companies. Very interesting and helpful.

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Mozilla offers temporary fix for Firefox flaw

Responding to the disclosure of a serious Web browser flaw, the Mozilla Foundation offered on Friday a temporary fix to protect Firefox and Mozilla users.

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Private Display Only you can See

This is a display that only a person wearing the special glasses can see.

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eBay buys Skype

Online auction site eBay has agreed to buy internet telephone company Skype Technologies in a $2.6 billion deal.

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"The Simpsons" Movie In Production?

We've been hearing about it for years and it's finally coming.

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How to log on to Windows XP if you forget your password

This article describes how to log on to Windows XP if you forget your password or your password expires and you cannot create a new one.

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Alarm Clock that Runs Away

Hit the snooze button on this carpet covered Clocky and it will scoot off on its pram wheels, seeking out a suitable hiding place (which will inevitably be right under the bed). When your snooze time is up, Clocky's alarm will make merry hell under you, panicked and disorientated, locate its hiding place and switch the alarm off.

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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The US Army contemplates building an aircraft the size of a football field


The notebook does not employ a Hard Disk and is completely based on solid state AtomChip® optoelectronics [except the mechanical Optical Drive: DVD Super Multi].

The new non-volatile Quantum-Optical RAM increases the speed of the system, since there is no need to refresh information after every cycle of reading of information, unlike regular RAM.

The new AtomChip® Quantum® II processor with 256MB on-board memory has a high speed with very low consumption of electrical energy.

This notebook has a wireless function, high CPU speed and large memory capacity with extremely low power consumption. Absence of the hard disk increases system stability under low temperatures, vibration and acceleration.

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End of an era for Zelda?

Eagerly-awaited Gamecube title The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess will mark the end of an era for the hit series, according to a transcript of a recent radio interview with Shigeru Miyamoto.

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Court orders KAZAA owners to block pirated content

A federal court ruled Monday that the popular file-swapping program Kazaa infringes on copyright and gave its purveyors two months to alter the system so its users can no longer engage in music piracy.

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Saturday, September 03, 2005

"High School Hackers" Felony Charges Dropped, Only Community Service Given

Always glad to see common sense prevail.

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Blu-ray players to �punish� users who hack their gear?

The new, Internet-connected and secure players will report any �hack� and the device can be disabled remotely.

WTF - this goes to far

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HD-DVD Delayed Into 2006

There are a number of reasons Sony's Blu-Ray has the one up on Toshiba's next-generation media format HD-DVD, but an early launch was one point HD-DVD had over its competition. It doesn't have that anymore; BetaNews says Toshiba's on the verge of making an official delay into 2006.

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1.5 million Napster Songs Free All Labor Day Weekend

From Sept. 2nd-5th Napster is allowing you to listen to it's entire catalog of 1,500,000 full length songs for free. No credit card is required. Just log into Napster Light with a free account and click play on any song and you will hear the full songs all weekend.

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